Articles by Pat Hindle, Editor, Microwave Journal

EMC in the Capital

IEEE EMC SI/PI 2017 Summary

The 60th IEEE EMC SI/PI Symposium took place August 7-11 at National Harbor in Washington DC with the “plan to inspire, envision, and innovate.” The keynote set the stage for this plan as Julius Knapp, FCC Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology, discussed the status of the FCC and industry EMC standards, the equipment authorization program and enforcement as the wireless space becomes more and more crowded with emerging technologies such as IoT, connected/autonomous vehicles, UAVs, increased satellite broadband and 5G taking off.

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A Look Ahead...

“San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality,” said Paul Kantner, but come the week of May 22, it will be surrounded by thousands of microwave engineers. The April Microwave Journal is the IMS2016 issue with complete IMS conference and exhibition coverage. This special edition will have an IMS2016 Preview covering an overview of the conferences, special sessions, keynotes, and major product releases from leading microwave companies. In addition, the issue will cover the Microwave Journal MicroApps panel session, “The 5G IoT Conundrum,” Exhibitor listing and Show Map, plus the New Product Showcase from exhibiting companies that is organized by booth location for easy navigating at the show.

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History of Wireless Communications

A historical listing of important events that shaped wireless communications

 The history of Wireless Communications started with the understanding or magnetic and electric properties observed during the early days by the Chinese, Greek and Roman cultures and experiments carried out in the 17th and 18th centuries. Here are some selected events in the development of Wireless Communications (material taken from the book History of Wireless, Tapan Sarkar, et al., Wiley, 2006). 

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5G IoT

I just returned from Mobile World Congress and the hot topics were 5G and IoT which mirrors what we have seen lately on the technology front. There is some controversy in discussing 5G these days as it is not defined yet, but we will cover the developments as the technology works itself out in the industry and standards organizations. IoT topics at MWC ranged from smart cities to the connected homes to vehicle-to-vehicle communications to wearable devices and were demonstrated in many of the booths at the exhibition.

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Be Seen in 2015

Looking back at 2014, a few key technologies were prevalent in the news. 5G research and prototyping took off as investment in this area has quickly expanded with support from industry and academia. This happened at the same time as the 4G rollout gathered steam, especially in the Chinese market where demand for components has been strong. CMOS continued to advance in the RF marketplace by showing off single chip RF fronts ends for 4G handsets and integrated mmWave AESA chips with up to 16 elements. Although CMOS has taken more market share in the RF marketplace along with GaN, GaAs still has a major presence in our industry due to its flexibility and already established manufacturing infrastructure. As the focus for more efficient amplifiers continued, envelope tracking came into the mainstream as a MIPI standard.

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