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Design of a Microwave Group Delay Time Adjuster and Its Application to a Feedforward Power Amplifier

This article presents a design method for a microwave group delay time adjuster (GDTA) and its application to a feedforward (FFW) power amplifier (PA). The GDTA consists of a variable capacitor and a variable equivalent inductor. The variable equivalen...
Heungjae Choi and Yongchae Jeong, Chonbuk National University; J.S. Kenney, Georgia Institute of Technology; Chul Dong Kim, Sewon Teletech Inc.
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As linear modulation and demodulation is adopted in communication systems for spectrum efficiency, the system performance is limited due to nonlinearity, particularly in the power amplifier. The nonlinearity of a system can be explained as AM-AM, AM-PM, intermodulation distortion (IMD) and adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR). Several linearizing techniques...
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