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Vector Network Analyzers: MS46122A Series

Test & Measurement

MS46122AAnritsu Co. expands its ShockLine™ family of vector network analyzers (VNAs) with the introduction of the MS46122A series. Incorporating Anritsu’s patented shock line VNA-on-a-chip technology, the MS46122A low-cost full-reversing 2-port VNAs are packaged in a very compact 1U chassis and are optimized for ultra-cost-sensitive test applicatios in manufacturing, engineering, and education environments.

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Network Simulator: MD8475A

MD8475A_FrontAnritsu Company introduces options for its MD8475A Network Simulator platform that support WLAN Offload smartphone testing, creating an accurate and efficient test solution for verifying mobile devices early in the device integration test process. The MD8475A simulates real-world carrier network implementation of industry-standard WLAN Offload functions.

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MD8430A / RTD LTE Simulator

MD8430A200The MD8430A is a scalable LTE network simulator, with six models ranging from functional test model (FTM) to enhanced test model (ETM), and available software options for both LTE FDD and TDD for any model. The associated rapid test designer (RTD) graphical test software enables quick scripting of tests, with an intuitive user interface as well as available layer 3 and lower-layer libraries.

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Comprehensive Test Solution: ME7834L

ME7834L Protocol Conformance PlatformAnritsu Company, as part of its commitment to support global wireless standards, announces that it is the market leader in approved test cases for TD-LTE Carrier Aggregation and is the only test company with Global Certification Forum (GCF)-approved TD-LTE test cases in the IMS Voice over LTE (VoLTE)-related technology of aSRVCC.

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