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Articles by David Vye, Microwave Journal Editor

Looking Forward to 2012...

November 14, 2011
I should not have been surprised to hear the first holiday songs of the season on the radio this weekend, but it is still hard to believe that we are already approaching the end of the year. And what a year it has been. From the cognitive radar cover...
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Divine Innovation: 10 Technologies Changing the Future of Passive and Control Components

November 5, 2011
In "The Innovator's Dilemma" (1997), Clayton Christensen, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, coined the term "disruptive technology" to describe innovation that changes the fundamentals of an existing market and related value network through displacement of an entrenched technology. Although the phrase connotes an abrupt transition,...
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Attending Mobile World Congress

October 28, 2011
For the cover of the Mobile Communications supplement, we found artistic inspiration from one-time Barcelona resident Pablo Picasso in our tribute to the city's other famous resident – GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC). This annual event combines the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and gathering of...
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EMI by the Dashboard Light

July 9, 2011
As the automobile industry bounces back from the great recession, manufacturers are designing their next generation of cars with an eye on fuel economy and telematics (information and communication technologies). Increasingly, the cars being designed today represent the latest frontier in the wireless revolution. While luxury cars have been...
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History of NRL, Bendix and Westinghouse in Maryland

June 1, 2011
What specific moment and event destined Maryland to flourish as a hotbed of microwave innovation? Scientific discovery is a continuum that often defies an exact beginning. But this account of the who, what, how and why that made this years’ International Microwave Symposium host city of Baltimore the center...
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The Year That Was…

December 2, 2010
Twenty-ten, what was that all about? Throughout much of this year, forecasters puzzled over the direction of the economy. Was it heading for a double-dip recession or on its way to being stuck in a jobless recovery for the next decade? Elsewhere, a few optimists claimed to see the...
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In with the New…

November 4, 2010
This month we wrap up 2010 and begin looking forward to the New Year. While the great recession continues to impact the general economy and keeps our industry operating in a cautious mode, there are definitely signs of increasing activity in new product announcements, articles about innovative technology and...
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Counting the Days…

February 1, 2010
Did you know that February was among the last two months (along with January) to be added to the Roman calendar? According to Wikipedia, the Romans originally considered winter to be a“month-less” period. NFL fans experience a similar feeling on the morning after the Super Bowl, which, coincidentally, is...
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The Year That Was

December 1, 2009
"We're just trying to get through the end of the year." For many, this was the mantra of 2009. Well, good news—the "Entering 2010" sign is now visible on the horizon. As we head towards that mile marker, let's take a quick glance in the rear view mirror. Here's...
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WiMAX World Show Wrap-up

A report from the WiMAX World Conference, Exhibition and 4G Exectuive Summit.
October 16, 2008
WiMAX World 2008 was held once again at Chicago’s McCormick Place Conference Center from September 29 through October 1st. The event brought together businesses engaged in 4G network development, including component and equipment manufacturers, service providers, content and application developers, and the financial investment community. The underlying goal of...
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