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Agilent Technologies Inc. announced an agreement with Auriga Measurement Systems to jointly develop and market integrated device-modeling systems for the semiconductor industry. The companies plan to pair Agilent's IC-CAP parameter extraction and device-modeling software and instrumentation with Auriga's test instrumentation. The first system planned is a pulsed-bias/pulsed-RF solution for...
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Vector Network Analyzers For Measurement to 50 GHz

A new suite of high performance vector network analyzers is featured
Cover Feature Vector Network Analyzers For Measurements to 50 GHz Agilent Technologies Inc. Santa Rosa, CA The HP 8510 vector network analyzer introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1985 revolutionized microwave measurements by combining advanced techniques for characterizing components with the computational power afforded by the microprocessor. For the first time,...
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Network Analyzer Software for Simplified Bandpass Filter Tuning

Use of newly developed filter tuning application software to accurately tune coupled-resonator bandpass filters
Product Feature Network Analyzer Software for Simplified Bandpass Filter Tuning Agilent Technologies Inc. Santa Rosa, CA Tuning the multiple poles and zeros of a coupled-resonator bandpass filter is generally labor-intensive and time-consuming. Often performed by a company's most experienced technicians armed with a vector network analyzer, such tuning requires...
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