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Physical Size Allocations for RF Electronics in Digital Beamforming Phased Arrays

There are many challenges associated with the migration to near elemental digital beamforming for AESAs. The challenges range from calibration, digital control, distribution of clocks, LO, power, processing the volume of data and the physical size constraints of the electronics. The prolific advancement of RFICs for the wireless industry continues to enable the ability for higher levels of integration in RF designs and now practical implementations of every element digital beamforming arrays is becoming a reality. In this article, we focus on the physical size requirements for the electronics. The physical size requirements as a function of the operating frequency are discussed and practical implementation methods are reviewed. 

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The Need For Advanced Data Analytics in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Embrace the data or die

Technological innovation has created unprecedented demands upon the semiconductor industry. Manufacturing has lagged this demand both in terms of output and in quality due to a failure to properly leverage data. The future leaders of semi manufacturing will be those who embrace advance data analytics in both the manufacturing and the designing of increasingly sophisticated product. 

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