5G/Massive MIMO Channel

Qorvo Joins China Mobile 5G Innovation Center

Qorvo® has joined the China Mobile 5G Innovation Center, an alliance created to develop 5G solutions for China, the world’s largest wireless communications market. The innovation center is promoting industry collaboration on 5G development and the migration from 4G, including use cases such as self-driving cars, the IoT and VR/AR.

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Rohde & Schwarz Presents OTA Power Measurement Solution for 5G

OTA Power Measurement Solution for 5G

The R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution is the first solution for measuring transmit power over the air interface for 5G and wireless gigabit components. The solution enables users working in development and production to calibrate the output power of the antenna on a DUT and to test the DUT's beamforming function. Base stations, access points, wireless devices and radio modules use phased array antennas to transmit 5G and wireless gigabit radio signals. Beamforming is used to control the direction of radiation of the transmit antenna in order to maximize the power level at the receiver.

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