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Bicycle of the future heralds smart-tech era

Innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants is making the future of smart technology a reality with its ability to make everyday products digitally intelligent. The company’s latest design concept is the world’s first wireless automatic gear-changing bicycle. This bicycle of the future – controlled by smartphone technology – is the latest example of how Cambridge Consultants is using its expertise in wireless technology to showcase the next stage of product evolution in the smart-tech era.

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Pulse Electronics introduces higher gain LTE NMO and direct mount antennas

Pulse Electronics Corp., a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a new line of Shadow low profile transit (SLPT) NMO and direct mount antennas to support public safety, WLAN, smart grid/smart metering, 3G, and 4G applications including long term evolution (LTE). These high-performance, rugged, IP-67 rated antennas are provided in a slim, low profile radome of only 2.5" to 3" (63.5 to 76.2 mm) tall with a 1.5" (38.1 mm) diameter base and high gains of 4 to 5.6 dBi.

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