Cellular 4G/LTE Channel

Mobile Interference Hunting System


mobile interference hunting systemAnritsu Co. introduces a mobile interference hunting system that helps field engineers and technicians locate sources of interference more accurately. Integrating an easy-to-use interface, fast setup times and numerous features to effectively hunt a variety of signal types in multiple RF environments, the comprehensive solution provides wireless carriers, regulatory agencies, and broadcast and satellite operators with a tool that saves time and money.

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Battery-Operated PIM Analyzer: MW82119B PIM Master™

Test & Measurement

 MW82119B PIM MasterAnritsu Co. breaks new ground in field wireless test with the introduction of the MW82119B PIM Master™, which combines a 40 W, battery-operated PIM analyzer with a 2 MHz to 3 GHz cable and antenna analyzer, eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to measure the RF performance of a cell site.   It is MIL-STD-810G drop test rated and is designed to withstand transportation shock, vibration and harsh outdoor test conditions.

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