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Tektronix Test and Measurement Workshops

Through its EuMW workshops the company covered a variety of currently hot topics. The abstracts below offer more detail. To access the actual workshops, click here . An Introduction to Digital Phosphor Technology–DPX™ Digital Phosphor™ Technology in Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers is a revolutionary tool for signal discovery. Detection is...
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Anritsu Introduces Fast-switching Microwave Signal Generator

Anritsu Co. introduced the MG37020A fast-switching microwave signal generator that utilizes an advanced VCO-based hardware architecture to achieve best-in-class frequency switching speed of 100 µsec per point. The fast switching speed, and a number of other high-performance specifications and design advantages, make the MG37020A well suited for integration into...
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AMCAD Announces Launch of Pulsed IV/RF System

AMCAD Engineering today announced the launch of its new generation pulsed IV/RF measurement system. This Pulsed IV/RF System will offer AMCAD customers the most versatile, robust and accurate Pulsed IV/RF measurement system on the market. Developed over a 15-year period at the XLIM laboratory (formerly IRCOM), this system has...
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