Passive Components

Design of a Generic 2.5 W, 60 Percent Bandwidth, C-band MMIC Amplifier

Description of the design and test data of a generic 2.5 W, two-stage, C-band MMIC power amplifier
During the past decade, there has been significant progress in monolithic power amplifiers operating at RF and microwave frequencies over narrow and broadbands for both commercial and military applications. For numerous applications, including handsets, VSAT and transmit/receive modules, these amplifiers are produced in large quantities using MESFET, HBT and...
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Internally Terminated 12-throw Electromechanical Switches for Matrix Applications

Presentation of a single-pole 12-throw internally terminated electromechanical switch that forms the basis for a line of N x 12 switch matrix assemblies
Electromechanical distribution systems (switch matrices) are used in both commercial applications and military systems. Computer control of these switch matrices facilitates their use in automated testing and in those systems requiring remote control of switching functions. The newest product in Dow-Key's line of electromechanical switches is a single-pole 12-throw...
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A Frequency Discriminator With a Small Footprint

Introduction to a compact, high performance dual-speed delay-line discriminator
Product Feature A Frequency Discriminator With a Small Footprint Merrimac Industries Inc. West Caldwell, NJ Delay-line frequency discriminators have long been fundamental components in radar warning receivers, instantaneous frequency measurement receivers (IFM) and angle of arrival interferometers. They offer a high performance alternative to I and Q networks in...
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Low Cost Millimeter-wave Packaged MMICs

A surface-mount device-packaged MMIC chipset for 26 GHz point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio links is featured
Cover Feature Low Cost Millimeter-wave Packaged MMICs United Monolithic Semiconductors S.A.S. Orsay Cedex, France Millimeter-wave technology is being recognized as having potential for emerging markets, such as broadband radio links for cellular base station backhaul networking and automotive safety systems. For such development to occur, however, the requested volumes...
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LDMOS Linearity and Reliability

Introduction to a self-aligned shadow isolated LDMOS device designed to improve linearity and reliability
Technical Features LDMOS Linearity and Reliability Laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) devices have been available as high power, low frequency amplifiers for almost three decades. The original devices had problems with linearity and reliability. More recent developments have improved the device performance and make LDMOS suitable in cellular base station...
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Q- and V-band MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers

Demonstration of a design method for Q- and V-band low noise amplifiers based on a distributed pHEMT model and exact simulation
Technical Feature Q- and V-band MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers This article describes MMIC low noise amplifiers for millimeter-wave applications using 0.15 µ m pHEMT technology. The design emphasis is on the active device model. The deficiency of conventional device models is identified. A distributed device model has been adapted...
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An EM Simulator for MEMS and Real Life MMICs

Introduction to a low cost software package used to address the 3D EM analysis of structures involving complex substrates as encountered in common MMIC design
Product Feature An EM Simulator for MEMS and Real Life MMICs MEM Research Spoltore, Pescara, Italy Generally speaking, there are two large families of commercially available electromagnetic (EM) solvers. The first one is a general-purpose set, covering the analysis of arbitrarily shaped structures and using finite elements or differences,...
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System-level Filter Design Methodology for WLAN-OFDM Transceivers

Presentation of system-level filter design methodology to efficiently constrain the implementation loss and complexity of a digital orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) transceiver
Technical Feature System-level Filter Design Methodology for WLAN-OFDM Transceivers Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM)-based WLAN standards target wireless communications in the 5 GHz band for consumer multimedia applications. Digital OFDM transceiver ICs, based on frequency domain equalization, have been presented. However, it is still a challenge to design a...
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A New Planar Coupled-line Balun for Microwave Applications

Presentation of a simple and effective way to relax the narrow spacing requirement between coupled lines in conventional planar Marchand baluns
Technical Note A New Planar Coupled-line Balun for Microwave Applications This article presents a novel inward collateral coupled-line balun. The new design provides an effective and simple way to avoid the narrow line spacing used in conventional planar Marchand baluns. A new structure with l /4 collateral coupled-lines has...
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Monolithic RF Matrix Switches

Introduction to a new line of fully monolithic RF matrix switches for cellular infrastructure applications
Product Feature Monolithic RF Matrix Switches Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. San Diego, CA A new line of fully monolithic 4 x 6 RF matrix switches for cellular infrastructure applications has been introduced. The parts feature low insertion loss, very high port-to-port isolation and serial programmability. These designs represent the state-of-the-art...
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