Q-par Angus Launching Spiral Antenna

Q-par Angus Ltd. , a microwave antenna and development company based in Leominster, UK, is launching a new “base-line” compact ultra-wideband 0.5 to 18 GHz spiral antenna intended for UWB communications, feeds, radio surveillance and direction finding applications. The 152 mm diameter antenna, which is Circularly Polarised (CP) with...
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Cobham Agrees to Acquire Trivec-Avant Corp. for $126 M

Cobham plc announced that it has agreed to acquire US-based Trivec-Avant Corp., a leading global supplier of sophisticated UHF satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna systems. Trivec’s SATCOM technology, product range and customer base are highly complementary to Cobham’s Antenna Systems' strategic business unit. The acquisition is in line with Cobham’s...
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