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The HMC-T2000 is a compact and lightweight frequency generator that delivers up to +20dBm (+17dBm leveled) of CW output power with better than -40dBc of harmonic rejection at 1 GHz and spurious products better than -42dBc across the entire frequency range.
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A GaAs PIN Diode MMIC, High Isolation SPDT Switch die which is rated from 55 to 86 GHz, and exhibits 1.8 dB of insertion loss and 35 dB of isolation at midband.
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Diplexer D8809601

Our model D8809601 Combline Diplexer covers the Cellular/Data/ISM/Paging frequencies with a RX Passband of 880 to 915 MHz and a TX Passband of 925 to 960 MHz.
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