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NXP Assimilates Freescale’s High Power RF Capabilities to Retain Access to US DoD Opportunities

NXP Semiconductors and Freescale Semiconductor agreed to merge operations earlier this year (March 02, 2015) in a deal that valued the combined company at over $40 billion. The merger was officially completed on December 7, 2015 with the basic motivational tenets underscoring the merger being an emphasis on targeting the embedded systems, automotive, secure payments and IoT (Internet of Things) market opportunities. NXP also retains Freescale’s capabilities in the areas of high power RF, effectively establishing a leading market share position and the ability to continue with the strategy adopted by Freescale to address the military market opportunity.

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Echodyne brings first metamaterials based radar antenna to market

Echodyne Corp. announced limited availability of its first metamaterials electronically scanning array (MESA) for radar applications. Echodyne’s MESA makes high performance radar far easier to deploy by lowering both the cost and weight by up to 10 or more times while decreasing the size of the antenna by up to 5 or more times over traditional electronically scanned arrays. The first product from Echodyne, a metamaterials electronically scanning array for X-band (MESA X-EVU) is now available for partners and integrators interested in evaluating MESA for radar systems in a variety of commercial markets including maritime, aviation, and surveillance/security among others.

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Instec’s EMI filter approved for Space Program

Instec LLC, a designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference filters and radio frequency interference filters, and an affiliate of Gowanda Holdings, announces it has successfully manufactured and upscreened an EMI feed-through filter to meet the United States Department of Defense specification MIL-PRF-28861.

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