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Pentek Introduces New Portable, Rugged Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning Recorder

Pentek Inc., announced an addition to its popular family of Talon® signal recording systems, the RTR 2623 6 GHz RF Sentinel™ Intelligent Signal Scanning portable, rugged recorder. The RTR 2623 combines and exploits the power of a Pentek Talon recording system with a fully integrated 6 GHz RF down converter. The Sentinel capability adds intelligent signal scanning with real-time signal monitoring and detection that is fully user configurable.

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Raytheon to Advance Gallium Nitride Technology

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of the Secretary of Defense have awarded Raytheon Co. a $14.9 million contract to further enhance its process for producing gallium nitride-based semiconductors. The new agreement aims to increase the performance, yield and reliability of Raytheon GaN-based, wideband, monolithic, microwave-integrated circuits and circulator components.

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Anokiwave Inc. Names Vincent Pelliccia VP, Business Development

Anokiwave Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated IC solutions for mmW markets and active antenna based solutions, announced the appointment of Vincent E. Pelliccia as vice president, business development. This appointment comes at a strategic time for Anokiwave with tremendous opportunities to grow its business into the rapidly developing mmW 5G, radar, satcom and stratellite markets.

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