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Analog Devices Expands GaN Power Amplifier Portfolio with Two Broadband 6 GHz Modules

Two Broadband 6 GHz Modules: HMC7885 / HMC7748

Analog Devices, Inc. announced a pair of high-performance GaN power amplifier (PA) modules which offer one of the highest power-density levels in their class, thus minimizing size and weight of the subsystem. The HMC7885 and HMC7748 broadband modules target applications operating between 2 GHz and 6 GHz, including test and measurement, communications, Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) replacement, military/aerospace surveillance and countermeasures and radar.

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Mercury Systems Acquires Delta Microwave

Mercury Systems, Inc. announced that it has acquired Delta Microwave, LLC for $40.5 million in cash. Mercury was attracted by Delta's strengths in high power, high frequency active and passive microwave components and subassemblies — particularly in GaN solid-state power amplifiers — which are driving strong backlog and growth.

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Bliley Introduces Iris: LEO Satellite OCXO

Bliley Technologies announced their low earth orbit (LEO) satellite OCXO product line, Iris. The Iris series OCXO was specifically designed for LEO orbit space applications, designed to be radiation tolerant for both total ionizing dosage and linear energy transfer typical of LEO orbits.

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