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New Home for Innos

The UK’s leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology, Innos , has announced that it is relocating its headquarters to the technology and research site at Millbrook in Southampton. The expansion to the new 1066m 2 office and clean room facility marks the company’s ongoing expansion...
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LPKF Laser and Electronics AG

In-house Laser-based Prototyping Sets Unprecedented Speeds and Precision
The LPKF ProtoLaser 200 is a versatile state-of-the-art laser system, combining advanced laser technology, optics and table mechanisms, resulting in superior quality, speed and accuracy. This rapid PCB prototyping solution is perfect for the precision geometries demanded by RF, microwave, RFID, antennas and filters. Laser structuring applies to nearly...
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Web Tools Aid in Selecting Optimal Feedthrus

Thunderline-Z , a designer and manufacturer of RF, DC and capacitive feedthrus, as well as soldered and direct sealed hermetic packages, announced the posting of two new engineering tools to its web site. The first tool is an advanced search engine of the company's entire database of previously designed...
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MicroMetrics Expands Epitaxial Services

MicroMetrics Inc. , a manufacturer of semiconductor devices for commercial and military communications, has announced the expansion of its epitaxial growth and coating services for the semiconductor fabrication market. The newly expanded Londonderry, NH facility now includes seven Gemini Epi reactors. This dedicated business unit supports the growing of...
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Thin Film Innovation Replaces Air Bridges

A new thin film innovation has been announced by UltraSource . By eliminating the need for a wirebond, or an air bridge, this consistent, reliable, cost-effective solution called UltraBridge is a useful design option for circuit designers at high frequencies. In this process, the interconnect conductor layer is applied...
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M/A-COM Awards Research Grant to UMASS Amherst

M/A-COM announced that it has awarded an antenna research grant to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Advanced Sensor and Communications Antennas (CASCA) to facilitate the design and development of advanced antenna technologies for the communications industry. “By collaborating with M/A-COM, we can leverage resources for the development...
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