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LDMOS Technology Solid-State Transmitter for MIDS Communications System

Introduction From the early 70’s, solid-state pulsed transmitters for primary and secondary radars (IFF-SSR) and also for communications systems (JTIDS) [1], have used silicon bipolar transistors. With such kind of devices, the common working operation mode was class C for optimizing the overall system efficiency and, consequently, reducing the...
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Ask Harlan, November 28, 2007

Harlan Howe has 34 years experience as a microwave design engineer and fifteen as publisher and editor of Microwave Journal ® , and is an IEEE
Published November 28, 2007 From: Debbie Yerushalmy, Trendlines Dear Harlan, Has there ever been a commercial product for microwave weed control? If yes, where can I find more information about it? If not, what are the reasons? Dear Debbie, We published a paper called "An Improved Microwave Weed Killer"...
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ARFTG Checks High Speed Communication Systems

"Addressing Metrology Needs for Future High Speed Information and Communications Systems" was the theme of the 69th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference held June 8th in Honolulu, HI, as part of the International Microwave Symposium - Microwave Week. The technical program began with "Characterization Challenges for Future Base Station Power...
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