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NFL Awards Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer Contract

The US National Football League (NFL) has awarded Anritsu Co. a $500,000 contract to supply it with 36 MS2721B Spectrum Master™ handheld spectrum analyzers. The NFL’s Game Day Frequency Coordinators (GDC) will use the MS2721B spectrum analyzers to research, troubleshoot and analyze the RF spectrum at the league’s 32...
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Design, Development and Fabrication of Post-coupled Band pass Waveguide Filter @ 11.2GHz for Radiometer

Microwave methods, both passive and active, play an important role amongst modern diagnostics of fusion plasma research. Microwave Reflectometer is used to measure plasma density profile and its fluctuations. Electron Cyclotron Emission (ECE) waves which has a frequency range in the microwave as well as millimeter range is used...
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Wind of Change for NEC and Sumitomo in Italy

NEC Corp. and Sumitomo Corp. have signed a framework contract with Italian mobile phone operator Wind for the supply of NEC's advanced PASOLINK NEO® point-to-point wireless access systems. Wind is one of the leading fixed-line, mobile and Internet operators in Italy, with more than 15 million mobile customers and...
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