Industry News

Catalog Update

Test and Measurement Catalog Agilent Technologies’ Interactive Test & Measurement Catalog 2008/09 is now available online. The new interactive catalog has enhanced features, including the ability to send an e-mail to a colleague that links to a specific page within the catalog. Users can bookmark pages for ease of...
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New Waves: Amplifiers and Oscillators

Phase-locked Crystal Oscillator The PLXO-Series phase-locked crystal oscillators from EM Research are now available with significantly improved performance and smaller size. With the option of a surface-mount or connectorized package, PLXO offers several outputs: sine 7 dBm, 10 dBm, CMOS and PECL. The new smaller-sized surface-mount package (0.9 x...
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The Book End

RF and Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design Andrei Grebennikov John Wiley & Sons Ltd. • 456 pages; $150 ISBN: 978-0-470-02535-2 The main objective of this book is to present all relevant information necessary for RF and microwave transistor oscillator design, including well-known and new theoretical approaches and practical circuit schematics...
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Career Corner

The Seven Good Years and What’s After
The boost in electromagnetic-related applications is shared across a number of industries, resulting in a growing demand for RF engineers. A shortage of RF engineers has been reported for growing industry sectors in both consumer and defense markets. RF engineering has been a fast growing segment since 2005. Stability...
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