Industry News

New Waves: Amplifiers and Oscillators

Phase-locked Crystal Oscillator The PLXO-Series phase-locked crystal oscillators from EM Research are now available with significantly improved performance and smaller size. With the option of a surface-mount or connectorized package, PLXO offers several outputs: sine 7 dBm, 10 dBm, CMOS and PECL. The new smaller-sized surface-mount package (0.9 x...
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The Book End

RF and Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design Andrei Grebennikov John Wiley & Sons Ltd. • 456 pages; $150 ISBN: 978-0-470-02535-2 The main objective of this book is to present all relevant information necessary for RF and microwave transistor oscillator design, including well-known and new theoretical approaches and practical circuit schematics...
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Career Corner

The Seven Good Years and What’s After
The boost in electromagnetic-related applications is shared across a number of industries, resulting in a growing demand for RF engineers. A shortage of RF engineers has been reported for growing industry sectors in both consumer and defense markets. RF engineering has been a fast growing segment since 2005. Stability...
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CST Announces New Workshop Series

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces a series of customer centric workshops focusing on high frequency system design challenges. The series investigates how new technology will benefit designers working in the high speed data, power integrity and EMC/EMI areas, as well as on optical applications. Following some recent acquisitions, CST...
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Remcom Announces Enhancements to Wireless InSite Software

Remcom announced the release of a new version of Wireless InSite, its electromagnetic wave propagation and RF planning software. Wireless InSite Release 2.4 offers many enhancements, including a Communication System Analysis Module, improved analysis of wideband signal propagation, modeling of atmospheric ducting effects and plane wave sources for modeling...
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RadioMobile Receives $500,000 in New Orders

RF Industries Ltd. announced that its RadioMobile division has received new orders from Dial-a-Cab for software and hardware valued at approximately $500,000 and scheduled for delivery over the next 10 months. "This contract is part of our long-term relationship with Dial-a-Cab to upgrade their 15 year-old installation, which handles...
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