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Mobile WiMAX subscribers to exceed 80 million by 2013, predicts Juniper Research

(Assuming “suitable devices” are available and service differentiation can be achieved)
A new report by Juniper Research calculates the number of mobile WiMAX subscribers will exceed 80 million by 2013. The biggest surge in growth, says the research firm, will happen after 2010. Juniper’s projections assume a wide range of attractive devices will be available on the market within three...
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Sprint Nextel: Is the other shoe about to drop?

Speculation fast & furious about provider’s WiMAX future
The speculation about what Sprint plans to do with WiMAX is spinning up to furious proportions as news spread that the provider could spin off its service into another company. A Bloomberg news report on Monday said that Sprint Nextel's acting CEO, Paul Saleh, told investors that the carrier...
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OMRON Corp. introduces global WiMAX antenna

Smaller design fits under the lid of notebook PCs
Tokyo-based OMRON Corp. today announced the introduction of a global WiMAX band polymer antenna, the HAWK-WMX, for laptops, notebooks, tablet and ultra-mobile PCs. The smaller antenna fits under the lid of notebook computers, enabling manufacturers to design smaller and lighter models. The HAWK-WMX employs the high dielectric polymer material...
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Xohm's law

Can WiMAX defeat cellular’s resistance to change?
Innovators in the wireless world got a cautionary reminder last week that early adopters often end up with arrows in their backs. WiMAX, an upstart wireless-communications technology that has been hyped to high heaven, received its first serious setback. The technology’s two leading proponents scrapped an agreement that would...
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UK Broadband Gets Go-Ahead for Mobile WiMAX Services

PCCW subsidiary scores victory in plans to provide mobile broadband services across Britain
WiMAX operator UK Broadband, a subsidiary of Hong Kong giant PCCW, has scored a major victory in its often tortured plans to provide mobile broadband services across Britain. The UK regulator, Ofcom, has said it will amend the provider’s 3.4GHz license to allow full mobile hand-off, enabling the company...
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Huawei takes the flexible approach to WiMAX and 4G

Announces end-to-end product roadmap
Huawei took a keen interest in WiMAX from an early stage, but concrete results were slow to follow, until now, when it has announced an end-to-end product roadmap, and started to show up in operators’ shortlists — most recently, up against Alcatel-Lucent with Summa Telecom in Russia. The Chinese...
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Sprint Looking To Divest WiMAX Business

Acting CEO tells investors Sprint is mulling its options
Sprint's acting CEO Paul Saleh told investors that Sprint is seriously considering selling its stake in the WiMAX network it has been building. This could be a deathblow for WiMAX's future. At least for the short term. And it would leave Sprint without a 4G strategy. Ever since former...
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