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Microwaves in Europe: Markets and Technologies

In 2006, how strong is the European microwaves industry? Is it responding to the challenges of globalisation? Is the European Union united in its efforts? And what are the future technological trends?
The one certainty with technology is that it develops and changes at its own and often unpredictable pace. Crucial to determining the success and progression of any industry is how effectively it embraces new technology, exploits it and adapts it to the reality of the marketplace. The RF and...
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Applications of CE Alloys in Defense, Aerospace, Telecom and Other Electronic Markets

The advantageous physical properties and manufacturing characteristics of Osprey Controlled Expansion (CE) alloys are currently being exploited in a variety of electronic applications. The ability to tailor the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) values of these alloys to ceramic circuit boards and components operating at high frequencies, combined with...
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Finnish Wireless Acquisition for Sasken

In an all cash deal, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd. , a pioneer in the telecom R&D and support space, has agreed to pay €35.5 million to acquire Finland based Botnia Hightech Oy , a leading provider of wireless R&D and testing services. Sasken is headquartered in Bangalore, India and...
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