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Wind of Change for NEC and Sumitomo in Italy

NEC Corp. and Sumitomo Corp. have signed a framework contract with Italian mobile phone operator Wind for the supply of NEC's advanced PASOLINK NEO® point-to-point wireless access systems. Wind is one of the leading fixed-line, mobile and Internet operators in Italy, with more than 15 million mobile customers and...
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Microwave Band-pass Filter and Passive Devices Using Copper Metal Process on Al2O3 Substrate

Introduction Nowadays the portable electronic appliances, such as laptop computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, MP3 players, etc., are rapidly growing in the life electrical popularization. Generally, the hand-held products demand miniaturization and multi-functionality, which are achieved by the module IC technology with highly integrated package. The high...
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Flomerics Reaches 20-Year Mark

Flomerics celebrates its 20th anniversary as an independent company this year. Flomerics is among among the oldest companies involved in computer aided engineering, and has just completed a fiscal year where it has achieved a new high in revenue and seen its worldwide customer base grow to over 2,500...
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