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Horn Antenna Synthesis CAD Tool

Hybrid mode horn radiators with high aperture efficiency and low cross-polarization levels are commonly used in wideband or multi-beam antennas in modern telecommunications. Such applications usually require the accurate prediction and optimization of the antenna performance parameters for both fundamental and higher order mode operation. Although various analysis tools...
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New Insights into Varying RF Phenomena with Live RF

The rapid expansion of digital RF applications has driven the measurement needs of many applications including mobile communications and spectrum management beyond the capabilities of swept spectrum and vector signal analysis. To address these new requirements, Tektronix has developed Digital Phospor Technology (DPX™) with live RF that first became...
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A Low-cost Digital Synthesizer

The conversion from analog to digital technologies, in such fields as wireless communications, music and video, has historically emerged first in the high end of their respective markets. Initial appearances of digital technology are usually seen in those applications requiring leading-edge performance. The same pattern has been emerging, albeit...
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Web Update

Fabless in Hyderabad AMTL develops standard products based on robust and reliable designs fabricated at GaAs foundries around the world. AMTL products are tested and packaged as per customer requirement at the state-of-the-art facility available with the parent company. AMTL also designs high performance MMICs for customer specific applications....
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Harris Corp. Introduces First Multiband Radio for Federal Agencies

Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, introduced the first multiband land mobile radio that provides real-time interoperable communications for the growing federal public safety and homeland security market. Public safety communications interoperability has been identified by Congress, the National Governor’s Association, the US Conference of Mayors...
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Around the Circuit

Industry News A report released by national non-profit Connected Nation suggests that the US could realize an impact of $134 B annually from a modest increase in broadband adoption. The report details the potential state-by-state impact of legislation to accelerate broadband access and use. The Connected Nation report measures...
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