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Metallic Plating of WR-10 Stainless-steel Waveguide

A simple procedure is described for copper plating stainless-steel WR-10 waveguide sections, up to 40 cm in length. An anode with a uniform separation from all interior walls of the waveguide allows for efficient plating.
For mm-wave experiments executed at low temperatures, it is desirable to use a stainless-steel waveguide in the refrigerator for thermal isolation and to plate the waveguide with a higher conductive metallic layer to reduce microwave attenuation. While the electroplating of metal on stainless-steel is a well-established procedure, there are...
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Software Update

LINC2 Filter Synthesis Software LINC2 Filter Pro version 1.14 adds a new line of space-efficient RF and microwave filters to its filter design and synthesis software. Compact, space-saving interdigital filters can now be designed in microstrip or stripline materials using LINC2 Filter Pro. These and other microstrip and stripline...
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Test Centre to Drive RFID Deployment

NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, has established a Reference Design Centre (RDC) with the aim of facilitating deployment and adoption of RFID technology. Based near Graz, Austria, the RDC improves the performance and reliability of existing RFID systems by thoroughly testing applications under real life...
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Alcatel-Lucent University for Egypt

The newly inaugurated Alcatel-Lucent University Egypt is the company’s first certified university in the Middle East and Africa and the 20 th certified training centre within Alcatel-Lucent’s global education network. Based in Cairo, the university’s mission is to deploy learning and qualification solutions that will enable customers and employees...
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ST and Freescale Accelerate Automotive Activity

Freescale Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics, semiconductor suppliers to the automotive industry, have made significant progress in the areas of automotive IP development, flash technology alignment and new product definition. Since announcing their joint design initiative last year, the automotive units from both companies have focused product development efforts on a...
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picoChip Joins Femto Forum

picoChip has joined the Femto Forum, which supports and promotes femtocell deployment worldwide by bringing together the foremost femtocell equipment vendors with the major global mobile operators assessing the technology. The Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation aimed at promoting the uptake of femtocell technologies through open standards, market...
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