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Samsung, Verizon Will Partner to Potentially Bring First 5G Smartphone to Market

Planned release in first half of 2019 featuring Qualcomm processor and RF modules

One of the world's first 5G phones will be coming to the US from Samsung and Verizon. According to CNET, the two companies said on Monday they plan to bring a device able to tap into next-generation cellular technology to the US market in the first half of 2019. They didn't give details about what the device will look like, what it will be called or how much it will cost. 

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Narda STS Develops Automatic DF Antenna

The engineers at Narda Safety Test Solutions (STS) have successfully developed an automatic direction-finding antenna (ADFA) that, when used with the powerful SignalShark real-time receiver, is capable of delivering incomparably stable bearing results extremely quickly.

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