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Web Update

WEB UPDATE *           RF/Microwave Components This site features broadband low cost RF/microwave components, custom design services, L- to X-band plastic-packaged medium to high power GaAs FETs (frequency up to 10 GHz, supply voltage up to 7 V and output power up to 4 W) and power modules (3.4...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON According to BridgeNews, the Pentagon is seriously considering splitting the award of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), its next-generation fighter aircraft, between the Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. instead of making a single award to one or the other. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are currently...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded consortia led by BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Racal Defence Electronics and Lockheed Martin UK Government Systems (LMUKGS) 12-month long study contracts that are designed to define and assess optimum system solutions to its Sender tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)...
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The Book End

THE BOOK END IS-95 CDMA and cdma2000: Cellular/PCS Systems Implementation Vijay K. Garg Prentice Hall PTR 423 pages; $75 ISBN: 0-13-087112-5 CDMA technology has undergone major changes and has become a viable technology for third-generation (3G) systems. This book defines those aspects of CDMA that are essential to understanding...
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New EDA Tools to Accelerate RF and Wireless Design Cycles

Two electronic design automation products that dramatically accelerate design cycles for RF and wireless communications
PRODUCT FEATURE NEW EDA TOOLS TO ACCELERATE RF AND WIRELESS DESIGN CYCLES XPEDION DESIGN SYSTEMS INC. Santa Clara, CA Continued demand for wireless services has resulted in the need for large spectrum and new compression techniques to enhance capacity without sacrificing quality. Second-generation (2G), 2.5G and 3G digital wireless...
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Organic Ceramic Microwave Substrate Materials

Copper clad substrate material that is formulated to combine the property advantages of fluoropolymer organic chemistry with ceramic elements
PRODUCT FEATURE ORGANIC CERAMIC MICROWAVE SUBSTRATE MATERIALS TACONIC ADVANCED DIELECTRIC DIVISION Petersburgh, NY The ORCER family of copper clad substrate material is formulated to combine the property advantages of fluoropolymer organic chemistry with ceramic elements. The development of this technology has enabled the creation of a wide range of...
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Electronically Tunable RF Diplexers for Microwave Radio Applications

This month's cover features an electronically tuned RF duplexer for use in two-way microwave radio applications
COVER FEATURE ELECTRONICALLY TUNABLE RF DIPLEXERS FOR MICROWAVE RADIO APPLICATIONS PARATEK MICROWAVE INC. Columbia, MD Commercially available RF diplexers consist of two fixed bandpass filters sharing a common port. Signals applied to the common port are separated in accordance with the passband frequency of each filter network. Signals applied...
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Space-Qualified 1.2 mm Fiber Optic Cable

High performance fiber optic cable utilizing a patented polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) buffer layer
PRODUCT FEATURE SPACE-QUALIFIED 1.2 MM FIBER OPTIC CABLE W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC. Newark, DE Fiber optic cable is gaining rapidly in use throughout both military and commercial systems. The very low loss and wide bandwidth provide a significant advantage where relatively long cable connections must be used. However,...
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Miniature SMD Quadrature Hybrids for Wireless Applications

A series of miniature three-port surface mount device 90° hybrid couplers developed for wireless applications
PRODUCT FEATURE MINIATURE SMD QUADRATURE HYBRIDS FOR WIRELESS APPLICATIONS SV MICROWAVE, COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS GROUP Largo, FL   A series of miniature three-port surface mount device (SMD) 90° hybrid couplers have been developed for wireless applications. The series currently comprises 12 individual components spanning an 824 to 5800 MHz frequency...
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An Object-Oriented Circuit Simulator

The basic software architectural guidelines of the APLAC circuit simulator program and its use of the fundamental volatage controlled current source element
TECHNICAL FEATURE AN OBJECT-ORIENTED CIRCUIT SIMULATOR Abstract: The basic ideas behind the circuit simulator and design tool APLAC are presented in this article. The chosen way of implementation of this circuit simulator is based initially on nodal formulation and gyrator transforms, leading to a very general and powerful architecture....
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