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Ultra Wideband Signal Generation

On 14 February 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its First Report and Order1 to permit the unlicensed use of ultra wideband (UWB) devices in the 3.1 to 10.6 GHz frequency band with an emission limit of –41 dBm/MHz. Due to the prohibition of high power amplification under...
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EuMA President’s Address

Eu<i>M</i>A president, Roberto Sorrentino, discusses the Association’s past, present and future challenges, and emphasises the significance of European Microwave Week
The European Microwave Association (Eu M A) is an international non-profit organisation founded in 1998 in Belgium. Its stated aim is to: promote European microwaves, networking and uniting microwave scientists and engineers in Europe, provide a single voice for European microwave scientists and engineers in Europe, attain full recognition...
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Agilent – Evolving Technologies and the Importance of EuMW

Benoit Neel, Vice President and General Manager EMEA Field Operations for Agilent comments on the relevance of EuMW to the company
The development of radio technologies illustrates how waves of technological change have swept through the electronics industry, from the initial ‘spark’ to today’s highly sophisticated multimedia personal appliances that enable consumers to talk, surf the web and share pictures with friends. Such waves of innovation demonstrate how advances in...
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Focus on European Microwave Week 2006

by Christopher Snowden, General Chairman, European Microwave Week 2006
With just a week to go there is so much to look forward to as Manchester hosts European Microwave Week for the first time. The Week continues to attract international interest and participation and to grow in popularity, making it Europe’s premier RF & microwaves event. This year host...
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Agilent Completes Acquisition of Xpedion Design Systems

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of Xpedion Design Systems , a privately held company that provides software for wireless and high-speed digital circuit and systems design in the communications industry. Financial details were not disclosed. Xpedion's and Agilent's combined technologies are used by virtually all...
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Microsemi Leads in Wi-Fi PAs, But for How Long?

The global research and consulting company Strategy Analytics has released a report from its RF and Wireless Component service, "Microsemi Holds onto Top Wi-Fi PA Position as Challengers Gain Strength," which examines the dynamics affecting suppliers of power amplifiers and front-end modules for Wi-Fi. "Supplier Microsemi held onto its...
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Question of the Month Answers, August 2006

Published September 01, 2006 You be the expert: The answers to the August Question of the Month are below Larissa Marple from Virginia Tech has submitted this month’s question: Concerning power amplifiers, what is the highest PAE recorded and what design type achieved that efficiency? From: Tharaka Perera, MillenniumIT...
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