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Sprint readies WiMAX location-based services

Assembles broad range of partners to deliver “geobrowsing”
Sprint Nextel has signed nine partners to help it roll out bleeding-edge subscriber location services. Based on XOHM WiMAX technology, Sprint’s high-speed mobile data network will turn up commercial service in Baltimore this September (see Sprint to launch first WiMAX service in Baltimore ), with more cities — likely...
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Agilent Introduces End-to-End Measurement Solution for Mobile Handset Design

New Test Solution Spans Digital and RF Domains to Accelerate Development of LTE and WiMAX(tm) Wireless Devices
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the industry's first Digital Radio Frequency (DigRF) V4 test solution . It enables comprehensive stimulus and analysis for developers of radio-frequency integrated circuits (RF-IC) and baseband ICs (BB-IC) as well as integrators of wireless handsets. DigRF V4, driven by the MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface)...
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Transceiver Duplexer Design Considerations

The transceiver duplexer is a key element in avionics systems, radars, antenna arrays and wireless communication systems. The duplexer provides protection of the receiver and transmitter from unwanted parasitic signals. This article discusses several duplexer schematics, their development flow and a trade-off design. Duplexer Schematics An RF transceiver duplexer...
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