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Pedsoft Introduces EM-Supreme 2018

EM-Supreme is used for EM modeling of power amplifiers, switches, filters, active antennas and complete RF modules such as antenna-switch, switch-filter, switch-filter-amplifier and front-end modules with no approximations

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Micro Harmonics Introduces 58-64 GHz Circulator, Extends Isolators to 325 GHz

Micro Harmonics, a small business specializing in ferrite-based millimeter wave components, announced the availability of its initial circulator product, the YC148, covering 58 to 64 GHz. The company is also extending its line of Faraday rotation isolators from WR12 (60 to 90 GHz) to WR3.4 (220 to 325 GHz). Prototypes of WR5.1, WR4.3 and WR3.4 designs are being evaluated and will be released by summer.

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