A Novel Compact Monopole Antenna with a Parasitic Plate for WLAN Applications

This paper proposes and studies a monopole antenna with a parasitic plate for WLAN applications. In this design, a microstripline-fed rectangular patch creates a resonant mode at 3 GHz. Furthermore, a parasitic plate is added on the side of the ground plane to generate a dual-band operation of 2.39 to 2.91 GHz and 4.06 to 6.73 GHz. The overall size of the proposed antenna is only 26x40x0.8 mm3(WsubxLsubxH). The monopole antenna with a parasitic plate is calibrated for WLAN applications, which cover the bands from 2.4 to 2.48 and 5.15 to 5.825 GHz. This antenna has the advantage of compact size, simple structure and good radiation characteristics.
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What You Should Know About MIMO Operation and Measurement

A selection from Agilent’s “Ten Things You Should Know About MIMO” are presented in this paper, with the intention of giving the user an overview of the operation of MIMO technology and test methodology. Each item uses an example to highlight the impact on the radio system or associated test. A poster that summarizes all ten points is available from Agilent on request (order information can be found at the end of this paper).
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