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Proper Measurement of Mixer Spurious Content

Depending on system requirements, there are multiple ways of dealing with these problematic signals. Careful frequency planning and filtering can help to drastically reduce the number of spurs, but they’re always going to be there. Therefore, it’s important for a systems designer to accurately measure the spurious levels at the output of a mixer in order to determine how best to handle them.

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Skyworks Releases 5G Technology Paper

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. released a new white paper, “5G in Perspective–A Pragmatic Guide to What’s Next,” providing the company’s insights into the quickly evolving fifth generation (5G) global telecommunications standard.

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Analog Devices’ 28 nm DAC Sets Performance Benchmarks

28 nm Digital-to-Analog Converter: AD9172

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced a 28 nm digital-to-analog converter (DAC) as part of a series of high speed DACs. The AD9172 meets the demands of gigahertz bandwidth applications and delivers the increased spectral efficiency needed for 4G / 5G multi-band wireless communications base stations and 2 GHz E-Band microwave point-to-point backhaul radios. Its design benefits production instrumentation targeting multi-standard direct-to-RF signal synthesis and provides a solution for defense electronics requiring greater detection range. 

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