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European Microwave Week 2006

September 10 – 15, 2006<br> Manchester, UK

February 13, 2006

It's a new venue, a new city, and an extended format for the 9th European Microwave Week (EuMW). Held over six days, the show features four major conferences, a globally representative three-day commercial exhibition, alongside technical workshops and short courses.


EuMC 2006 — the 36th European Microwave Conference (September 10-15) As the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave electronics, EuMC is the perfect event to keep up to date with recent achievements in the RF, microwave and millimetre-wave domain. A broad range of high frequency related topics, from materials and technologies to integrated circuits, systems and applications will be addressed in all their aspects: theory, simulation, design and measurement. Examples include the latest developments for passive components, modeling and design of high frequency and high data rate photonics, highly stable and noiseless microwave and millimetre-wave sources, new linearisation techniques and the impact of new packaging technologies on development applications. Special emphasis will be placed on emerging technologies like MEMS, System-In-Package and System-On-Chip.

ECWT 2006 — The European Conference on Wireless Technology (September 10-12)

Co-sponsored by EuMA and the IEEE MTTSociety, ECWT is the principal forum for the presentation and discussion of new developments in the field of wireless communication technologies. It encompasses all aspects of technology for wireless systems, including system design, antennas, propagation, analogue and digital signal processing techniques, and high frequency circuits for wireless systems. It also addresses the latest developments in integration, integrated circuits and modules for wireless products and systems. And this year with the explosion of standards, special emphasis will be placed on applications.

EuMIC 2006 (formerly GAAS®) — the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (September 10-13)

The conference to promote the discussion of recent developments and trends, and encourage the exchange of scientific and technical information on physical fundamentals, material technology, process development and technology, physics-based and empirical-behavioural modeling of microwave and opto-electronic active devices, design of monolithic ICs based on GaAs, InP, SiGe, GaN, SiC and other semiconductor materials. Special emphasis will be given to applications covering the field of telecommunications (RF, microwave and optical), automotive, sensors, MEMS, military and space, as well as emerging technologies such as wide band gap semiconductors.

EuRAD 2006 — the 3rd European Radar Conference (September 13-15) EuRAD is dedicated to a broad range of radar related topics. Its objective is to provide an open forum for the presentation and discussion of current advances in radar technology, associated antenna and RF devices, target tracking and multi-source radar data processing, ground penetrating radars, environmental remote sensing systems and typical hazard prevention or monitoring applications, SAR related techniques including emerging applications in the domain of polarimetry, interferometry and differential interferometry.


European Microwave Exhibition (September 12-14)

This is the largest trade show dedicated to RF and microwaves in Europe. It offers an international showcase for leading manufacturers in the RF, microwave, integrated circuit, wireless and radar industries. The exhibition provides an invaluable platform for the presentation of the latest technological developments and a forum for discussing the latest trends and exchanging scientific and technical information.

For more information on European Microwave Week, visit www.eumw2006.com.