Microwave Journal

VTI Introduces High-density Microwave Switch Carrier

August 20, 2010

VTI Instruments Corp. announced the release of the EX1200-7100, 26.5 GHz Microwave Switch Carrier and Relay Driver. The Microwave Switch Carrier further enhances the capabilities of VTI's EX1200 Precision Switch, Measure and I/O product family by incorporating RF and microwave signal routing into the platform.

This scalable solution provides a cost-effective electronic test system switching and I/O core without sacrificing performance or critical signal integrity. Switch systems that lack signal transparency destroy signal integrity, so why invest in expensive instrumentation and then spend hours processing distorted signals?

"The EX1200-7100 delivers unparalleled versatility and flexibility by integrating high-performance broadband microwave switching capabilities into the highest density, multifunction switching subsystem available," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "It is now possible to seamlessly combine test capabilities, from DC to RF/microwave, in a single easy to use platform."

A wide range of switch configurations, from leading microwave switch manufacturers, can be selected including dual SPDT, SP4T, SP6T and Transfer switches. Each module occupies two plug-in-slots and can be mixed and matched with other EX1200 plug-in modules to configure high-density customized switching solutions. Nearly 60 switch points can be maintained within a 1U rack space, providing exceptional density without signal integrity degradation.

A full featured embedded web interface provides virtual monitoring and control of all switches and instruments without the need for third-party software, simplifying setup and debugging activities; furthermore, individual switches can be removed, replaced, or relocated in the carrier by the user, allowing for easy configuration and maintenance.