Microwave Journal

Samsung and Alcatel Cooperate on Mobile WiMax

February 10, 2006

Alcatel and Samsung Electronics have agreed to cooperate on interoperability between Alcatel's Mobile WiMAX infrastructure based on the IEEE 802.16e standard (referred to as WiBro in Korea) and Samsung's mobile WiMAX terminals. This strategic cooperation will allow both companies to accelerate the introduction of Mobile WiMAX (WiBro) solutions for the global market.

The interoperability tests will target the second half of 2006 for the introduction of a fully interoperable solution. This will enable the worldwide audience to access the high speed broadband services from a mobile device at multi-megabit speeds as a complement to fixed and mobile networks. Furthermore, the two companies will jointly collaborate on standardization activities within the WiMAX Forum, IEEE and 3GPP.

"Alcatel has always stood at the forefront of WiMAX, which is one of the key pillars of our user-centric broadband strategy," commented Marc Rouanne, chief operating officer of Alcatel's mobile communications activities. "Our new strategic cooperation with Samsung reinforces our Mobile WiMAX ecosystem and will accelerate the end user's ability to experience seamless broadband connectivity on the move."

Views shared by president Kitae Lee of Samsung's Telecommunication Network Business who said, "Samsung is leading the way to Mobile WiMAX and contributing to the standardization of IEEE 802.16e." He added, "Through the cooperation with a leading telecommunication player such as Alcatel, Samsung will speed up the commercial availability of powerful Mobile WiMAX solutions for the global market."