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IMS INSIDER May 24, 2010

May 26, 2010
IMS 2010 Show Coverage: Interview with IMS 2010 Chair
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IMS Insider
May 24, 2010

Interview with MTTS IMS 2010 Chair JK McKinney

We were pleased that the MTTS IMS 2010 Chairman, JK McKinney, was able to find a few minutes to spend with us for an update on how the conference and show preparations are coming as it kicks off next week in Anaheim, CA. McKinney said the registration and exhibitor sign up is going well and ahead of previous show numbers. He stated that there are over 250 technical papers being presented orally in about 60 sessions within the four major areas of Microwave Field & Circuit Techniques, Passive RF & Microwave Components, Active RF & Microwave Components, and RF & Microwave Systems & Applications. There are also 122 papers being presented in an interactive forum.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

Aeroflex / Inmet
Aeroflex / Inmet announces the release of the SMA series of the iCALIBER family of RF test cables. The iCALIBER brand combines the quality and performance of a high end test cable with the low cost of ownership normally reserved for economy grade test cables commonly found in the marketplace.

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Exhibitor Spotlight

MTT-S Product Showcase: Aeroflex / Inmet
Aeroflex / Inmet announced the release of the first series of the iCALIBER family of RF test cables. The iCALIBER brand combines the quality and performance of a high end test cable with the low cost of ownership normally reserved for economy grade test cables commonly found in the marketplace. Normal failures due to crushing, flexure and kinking are eliminated through the use of a robust spiraled stainless steel casing. These cable assemblies allow for a small bend radius with minimal spring back and exhibit low loss and VSWR characteristics while providing excellent phase stability.
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MTT-S Product Showcase: Krytar Inc.
The model 110067016 is a directional coupler that operates in a frequency range from 10 to 67 GHz. This model offers coupling (with re- spect to output) of 16 +/- 1.1 dB and frequency sensitivity of +/- 2.0 dB. The coupler provides directivity of 7.25 dB, maximum VSWR (any port) of 2.0, insertion loss of < 1.95 dB maximum, and power rating (input) of 20 W average, 3 KW Peak.
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MTT-S Product Showcase: RLC Electronics Inc.
RLC Electronics now provides band stop and cavity filters that can be re-adjusted by the customer to new center frequencies. These filters are tunable over a +/-7.5 percent center frequency range with minimal change in bandwidth.
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Synergy Microwave Corp.: VCOs DXO400800-3 and DXO400800-5
The DXO400800-3 and DXO400800-5 are tiny 0.3” x 0.3” x 0.08” packaged octave tuning voltage-controlled oscillators. These VCOs are designed for +3 and +5 V supplies and cover the frequency band of 4 to 8 GHz, with ultra-low power consumption of less than 100 mW and fast tuning for agile synthesizer applications.
See us in MTT-S Booth 1400
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MTT-S Product Showcase: Times Microwave Systems
Times Microwave has introduced its new Times-Protect™ line of innovative RF lightning protection products. These unique surge protection devices address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz.
See us in MTT-S Booth 2717
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Exhibitor Spotlight

AWR Offers Technical Talks and Social Events

Maury Introduces Line of Precision Components and Calibration Standards

A Sneak Peek at What Tektronix Has in Store

RFMD Showcases Portfolio of RF Components

NXP Offers Products Based on SiGe:C BiCMOS Process Technology

IEEE RFIC 2010: Workshop and Short Course Lineup

Plextek Promotes Custom Designed GaAs MMICs to Save Money

ICM Showcases Microwave Test Fixtures

Vaunix Delivers New Lab Brick Synthesized Signal Generators

Hittite's Comparator Product Line Targets Medical, Industrial and ATE Applications

Radio Engineering Services Releases New Version of HERALD Professional

FilResearch Introduces Filter Synthesis Software for Windows

Passive Plus Rolls Out Traditional RF Bypass Capacitors

NEL Highlights Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO

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Exhibitor Spotlight

New Products on Display at MTTS IMS 2010 in Anaheim

Patrick Hindle, Technical Editor, Microwave Journal
The past week has included several big announcements in the microwave industry for Mergers & Acquisitions, which I will extend to also include some significant partnerships that were formed.

Strategy Analytics IMS 2010 Seminar

MWJ Staff
Enabling Trends for Semiconductor Technologies in the Defense Industry

Exhibitor Profiles

MWJ Staff
Over 100 IMS exhibitor’s participated in our annual show issue Exhibitor Profile feature this year. From Advanced Control Components Inc. to Z-Communications Inc. our A to Z look at the companies and products that will be at this year's IMS is a good source of pre-event information.

Exhibitor Spotlight

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