Microwave Journal

RAYSPAN Delivers Manufacturing Technology for Balanced Antennas

May 25, 2010

RAYSPAN Corp., the world's only provider of metamaterial air interface solutions for wireless communications, announced the availability of MTM-SNAPTM manufacturing technology for balanced antennas. MTM-SNAPTM allows OEMs and ODMs to design high performance balanced antennas directly on the device PCB, eliminating the need for external dipole antennas.

MTM-SNAPTM manufacturing technology uses free space on the PCB panel to print the RAYSPAN MTM-BTM antenna design during a standard PCB fabrication process. The MTM-BTM antenna is either printed as a part of each PCB unit, where it is stamped and snapped out along with each PCB, or alternatively the antennas can be grouped together in free areas of the PCB panel, precut and snapped out as individual units. The antenna unit can then be connected to the PCB using a standard antenna cable. The MTM-SNAPTM process is implemented 100% by the PCB manufacturer, eliminating the need for third party components and processes.

“Typical dipole antennas add significantly to the ODM’s BOM costs,” said Gregory Poilasne, VP of Business Development at RAYSPAN. “Using MTMSNAPTM allows our customers to save up to 25% over the lowest cost standard dipole antennas.”

MTM-BTM antennas using the MTM-SNAPTM manufacturing technology also offer significant performance benefits over dipole antennas, with up to 20% better performance at close and mid-range and 35% over longer distances. RAYSPAN MTM-SNAPTM is available for license today for OEM and ODM customers.