Microwave Journal

ARTHUR Radar System for Italian Army

February 11, 2010

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract valued at approximately €46 M for the sale of its ARTHUR Weapon Locating System (WLS) to the Italian Army. The order was obtained in collaboration with the Italian partner Selex Sistemi Integrati, who will supply the command and communications solution, while Saab will supply the radar system.

The contract, which is a basic order with the opportunity for future expansion, also comprises associated logistics with training, installation and support. Delivery is scheduled to take place over the next three years and the Italian Army will be using the system for international assignments.

The ARTHUR radar system locates incoming enemy projectiles and missiles. The system provides information about the firing position and point of impact, and can simultaneously direct countermeasures. It therefore contributes to increased protection for friendly forces and the civilian population.

Commenting on the significance of the deployment of the radar system, Lennart Joelsson, Business Unit Manager, Saab Microwave Systems, said, “Highly-functional weapon locating systems have become an increasingly important component in peacekeeping missions throughout the world, both for ensuring that peace accords are being upheld, and for the protection of own personnel.”