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November 1, 2009

LTE Poster

Agilent’s LTE poster is a vital tool for engineers working with this exciting technology. It has recently been updated to include technical detail on FDD and TDD frame structures, including down and uplink physical mapping, downlink configurations and TDD 5-ms switch periodicity mapping. Get your free copy today. For more information, visit www.agilent.com/find/ltetest.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 829-4444

RS No. 250

Understanding Cable and Antenna Analysis

Visit Anritsu’s New Masters of the Wireless web site and download its free White Paper, Understanding Cable and Antenna Analysis. Field technicians today rely on portable cable and antenna analyzers to analyze, troubleshoot, characterize and maintain the system. The purpose of this white paper is to cover the fundamentals of the key measurements of cable and antenna analysis, return loss, cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF). Learn more now.

Anritsu Co.
Richardson, TX
(972) 644-1777


LTE Solutions Guide

AWR® Connected™ for Rohde & Schwarz now offers an LTE Solutions Guide that highlights how to combine design and test domains for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. The contents of it demonstrate how to use AWR’s Visual System Simulator (VSS) v2009 software, incorporating R&S® WinIQSIM2™ simulation software, along side R&S LTE, specific test and measurement instruments for designing communication systems in support of the LTE standard. Download the guide at www.awrcorp.com/vss.

AWR Corp.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000

RS No. 251

Filter Catalog

This new short form catalog features a sampling of the company’s RF and microwave filter products to 40 GHz utilized in military, commercial and wireless applications. The catalog also highlights some of the company’s diverse filter design and manufacturing capabilities.

Eastern Wireless TeleComm Inc.
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-3800

RS No. 252

Product Portfolio

ET Industries is a WiMAX manufacturer offering total, end-to-end WiMAX solutions, in particular, solutions for frequency re-use, multi-beam antenna systems, sector contouring antenna systems, and solutions for capacity increases of up to 48 times per sector. ET Industries equipment is WiMAX Forum Certified. ET’s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

ET Industries
Boonton, NJ
(973) 394-1719

RS No. 253

Product Catalog

JFW Industries Inc. is a world leader in designing and manufacturing passive RF components and application specific Test Systems. These components include attenuators, RF switches, power dividers and test systems. For over 30 years, JFW has strived to supply innovative designs and provide complete customer satisfaction to each and every customer.

JFW Industries Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340

RS No. 254

Ferrite Product Catalog

The new ferrite product catalog features a Thincore waveguide isolator for point-to-point communication and a SMT circulator for wireless applications. The catalog also highlights some of JQL’s diverse isolator/circulator design and manufacturing capabilities.

JQL Electronics Inc.
Deerfield, IL
(888) 236-9828

RS No. 255

Synthesizer Catalog

Let the Mini-Circuits design team create a custom frequency synthesizer tailored to your requirements. The Mini-Circuits’ team will review your requirements and, following technical discussions between your engineers and Mini-Circuits designers, will work closely with you to create final specifications that meet or exceed your requirements. To ensure high yields, they will factor in component tolerances and even variations in manufacturing processes. You will have full access to performance data from sample units, and can even evaluate sample units in your system to ensure that final production units fulfill your performance requirements.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

RS No. 256

DSAs for 4G Wireless Infrastructure

Industry leaders have chosen Peregrine’s UltraCMOS™ Digital Step Attenuators as best-in-class for Rx, Tx and Digital Pre-distortion (DPD) level control in next-generation 4G applications. With exceptional input IP3 > +61 dBm (3 GHz) and a highly flexible attenuation range in a variety of steps, Peregrine DSAs deliver world-class attenuation accuracy over frequency and temperature while exhibiting very low insertion loss and power consumption. Ultra-fast switching time (26 ns) with no gate lag or phase drift ensures they settle fast. Download the datasheets now.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
San Diego, CA
(858) 731-9400

RS No. 257

RF and Microwave Filters

This catalog features the company’s full line of RF and microwave filter products. The catalog highlights high reliability filters, multiplexers and switched filter banks that cover DC to 50 GHz and are tailored to meet the military market. To request a complimentary copy, e-mail: catalog@reactel.com.

Reactel Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660

RS No. 258

Product Selection Guide

The RFMD® Multi-Market Product Selection Guide and Aerospace and Defense Product Selection Guide offer broad portfolios of RF components organized in easy-to-scan formats. You will find a listing of products with complete specs or customization information for components designed to fit a wide variety of applications. Download a copy at www.rfmd.com/productguides.

Greensboro, NC
(336) 664-1233

RS No. 259

Line Card

Richardson Electronics offers design engineers the most innovative products from the market leaders on its line card. A PDF version of the company’s new RF, Wireless and Industrial Power Conversion line card is now available at www.rell.com, with over 80 suppliers listed alphabetically and grouped by product category.

Richardson Electronics
LaFox, IL
(630) 208-2200

RS No. 260