Microwave Journal

Taconic Features Proven Industry Solutions

September 24, 2009

Europe's largest RF and microwave trade show, European Microwave Week, takes place from 29th September through 1st October in Rome, Italy. Taconic features proven industry solutions: TacLamPLUS - a non-reinforced, laser ablatable solution for mm-wave applications of the best cost/performance factor; base materials with heavy metal cladding - ideal for thermal management of power amplifier printed circuit boards; fastrise27 - lowest loss RF prepregs for multilayer printed circuit boards; TRF-45 - low loss base material with a DK equivalent to FR4; antenna grade base materials with highest PIM performance.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division (ADD) is a global supplier of ROHS-compliant low-loss materials for RF, microwave and high-speed digital applications. The company's product range of high performance materials with DK values from 2.17 to 10 allows it to be a market leader and a real partner of the RF and pcb industry.