Microwave Journal

EADS DS Takes Up International Sentry Duty

June 22, 2009

CalAmp Corp. has entered into an exclusive agreement with EADS Defence & Security (EADS DS) to supply a customised version of its WiMAX-based Sentry 4G™ Wireless IP Router, a new rugged broadband communications and networking platform for mission critical broadband communication applications. The custom high power mobile data terminal will be marketed under the EADS Defence & Security brand name to address customers in the defence and public safety markets outside the United States and Canada.

Sentry 4G provides high speed, long-range broadband wireless connectivity based on IEEE 802.16e-2005 (mobile WiMAX) technology and also supports an embedded Wi-Fi module as well as GPS. The target market will be defence and security customers where licensed 2.5 GHz frequencies are available for mobile broadband wireless applications. Applications for the device include video surveillance and other visual multimedia applications providing officers with increased situational awareness through a WiMAX network overlay to existing mission-critical Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks.

“We were looking to extend the EADS Defence & Security portfolio in order to better respond to customer requirements for wireless broadband connectivity,” said Dirk Borchardt, head of security and communication solutions in EADS Defence & Security. “CalAmp is a leader in wireless data communication and understands the unique needs of mission-critical public safety communications. We selected the Sentry 4G as an ideal platform to address the broadband wireless connectivity needs of our customers and are pleased to welcome CalAmp as a trusted partner.”