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May 1, 2009

RS 240

SPDT Coaxial Switch

The D1 Series SPDT coaxial switch is a terminated switch with SMA connectors and operates in a frequency range from DC to 22 GHz. Actuator options come in latching and in failsafe modes. Also available are units with TTL circuitry with integrated indicator circuits. These switches offer an RF impedance of 50 ohms nominal, operating temperature of -35° to +85°C ambient, operating life of 1,000,000+ cycles and switching time of 15 mS maximum.

Ducommun Technologies Inc.,
Carson, CA (310) 513-7214,

Booth 2711

RS 315

Attenuator Design Kit

EMC Technology introduces a new wideband temperature variable attenuator design kit (WTVA-DKIT) optimized for performance from DC to 20 GHz. Using EMC’s Thermopad technology, the WTVA-DKIT offers a solution for design engineers with broadband and thermal challenges including optimal temperature coefficients of attenuation (TCA) at frequencies from 12.4 up to 20 GHz. The WTVA has been noted for its excellent performance and small size, measuring only 0.075" x 0.060". These devices have wire bondable gold terminals.

EMC Technology,
Stuart, FL (772) 286-9300,

Booth 1933

RS 241

Dielectric Constant

Eccostock® FFP is a free flowing syntactic foam powder, low loss, low dielectric constant. Designed to infiltrate densely populated electronic packages, and readily filling available volumes around components. This lightweight foam provides physical support and thermal insulation to delicate components without increasing the weight or dielectric constant. This new and improved product offers lower shrinkage and improved thermal stability.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc.,
Randolph, MA (800) 650-5740,

Booth 2336

RS 242

X-band Frequency Synthesizer

The HLX-10000 is a small integrated X-band fixed-frequency synthesizer that operates at 10 GHz with a 50 MHz reference. The unit features good phase noise (<-80 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz), with high vibration tolerance, (0 dB degradation at a min of 6 G’s RMS). The unit also features low spurs (<-60 dBc), low sub-harmonics (<-60 dBc) and low power consumption. The HLX-10000 is housed in a hermetically-sealed, surface-mount package (0.81" x 0.81" x 0.15") and is manufactured to MIL-STD-883 and IPC-A-610 Class III. Standard operating temperature for all HLX units is -40° to +85°C. Custom units can be designed from 200 MHz to over 13 GHz. The HLX series frequency synthesizers are ideal for military and avionics applications requiring a robust surface-mount design with exceptional performance.

EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV (775) 345-2411,

Booth 2633

RS 243

Mini POL Converters

FDK introduces five new products to its DK Series of non-isolated point of load (POL) DC-DC converters. These very small, low profile converters deliver up to 6 Amperes (A) of output current at power densities up to 860 W/cubic inch in an SMD package and up to 4A of output current at power densities up to 760 W/cubic inch in a SIP package. They have efficiencies up to 93 percent and provide a complete power conversion solution, without the need for external input and output capacitors. Under natural convection, these new DK Series converters deliver the full rated output current with no derating in ambient temperatures up to 85°C in the SMD package, and up to 70°C in the SIP package.

FDK America Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 922-1163,

Booth 1011

RS 244

50 GHz Microwave Signal Generator

The 2550B 50 GHz microwave signal generator features fast switching speed, ultra-low close-in phase noise and a full suite of analog modulation is well suited to today’s R&D and manufacturing. Featuring 50 GHz frequency range with high output power, fast switching speed and high signal purity including ultra-low close-in phase noise, low harmonics and low spurious, the 2550B represents the best in high performance microwave signal generators.

Giga-tronics Inc.,
San Ramon, CA (925) 328-4650,

Booth 1121

RS 245

Zero Bias Schottky Detectors

The DHM265AA is a high sensitivity zero bias Schottky detector that operates in a frequency range from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. The DHM265AA -3 dB (1.0 mV/µW) more sensitive regular than traditional matched Zero Bias Schottky Detectors for use in lab testing, power monitoring or leveling circuit with maximum power input of 200 mw. It has matched input for excellent VSWR, wide dynamic range, 10 µV to 5 V (for input power -50 to +20 dBm), and extremely flat frequency response. SMA(M) input connector and SMA(F) output connector.

Herotek Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 941-8399,

Booth 1237

RS 246

LTCC Foundry Service

HIRAI LTCC foundry service provides its featured 2D/3D hybrid fabrication technology for high Q multi-layered substrates of micro- and millimeter-wave applications. Exhibited are the millimeter-wave module that integrates a slot array antenna, a hollow layer underneath, a post-wall waveguide and an aperture coupled waveguide-to-microstrip line transition, presently under development with Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, and a novel BPF as well. The design kit CD will be available and Marubeni T/S is present at the booth, too.

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan +81-334991351,

Booth 2436

RS 247

Synthesized Signal Generator

The HMC-T2100 is a compact synthesized signal generator that operates from 10 MHz to 20 GHz with 10 kHz frequency resolution and a switching speed of 300 µs. It can deliver up to +27 dBm output power in 0.1 dB steps over a 40 dB dynamic range. Spurious rejection exceeds -60 dBc at 1 GHz, while phase noise is -113 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset at 1 GHz. The HMC-T2100 is affordably priced at $7,998.00 and features USB, GPIB or Ethernet control.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,

Booth 1007

RS 248

High Performance RF Synthesizers

This multi-channel RF synthesizer product line is unique due to the complete elimination of phased-locked loops. Proprietary architectures have been developed to achieve broadband frequency generation with ultra low phase noise performance and unsurpassed settling times. Phase coherency for multi-channel synthesis benefits greatly by eliminating PPLs. The phase relationship amongst channels is absolutely coherent in properly architected non-PLL systems.

Holzworth Instrumentation,
Boulder, CO (303) 325-3473,

Booth 504

RS 249

MMPX Connector Solution

With very small outside dimensions, a tried and tested snap mechanism, and unique electrical performance that guarantees fast and reliable connections, the HUBER+SUHNER MMPX offers superb electrical performance from DC to 65 GHz and optimal connections to printed circuit boards. Featuring linear VSWR from DC to 65 GHz, excellent shielding, and HUBER+SUHNER MMCX compatibility, the MMPX family is an ideal solution for high speed test, defence and mobile radio applications.

Herisau, Switzerland (802) 878-0555 (USA),

Booth 2833

RS 250

RF Power Transistors

HVVi Semiconductor introduces the HVV1011-500, the latest in its family of extremely rugged L-band (1030 to 1090 MHz) RF power transistors aimed at IFF, TCAS and transponder/interrogator markets. This robust 50 V device achieves output power over 500 W P1dB providing 19 dB gain and 50 percent drain efficiency under the following pulse condition (50 µs P.W., 5 percent D.C.), while withstanding industry leading output load mismatch tolerance of 20:1 VSWR. The HVV1011-500 is a single-ended pulsed power transistor assembled in an HV800, two-lead, bolt-down, metal flanged package with LCP lid.

HVVi Semiconductors Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ (480) 776-3800,

Booth 435

RS 251

EMPIRE XCcel™ 5.3

The new 3D EM solver EMPIRE XCcel 5.3 will be presented at IMS booth 2236. EMPIRE XCcel covers nearly all today’s design challenges for RF designers, like antennas, passive circuits, packages, waveguides or EMC/EMI problems. Due to the unique structure and processor adapted code generation a simulation performance up to 1600 million FDTD cells per second can be achieved on a conventional PC with full access to the built-in memory. Thus very complex structures can be modeled very fast and highly accurate (e.g. 23 lambda 16 lambda 4.5 lambda array antenna simulation at 24 GHz needs only 12 GB memory).

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany +49 2842 981 0,

Booth 2236

RS 317

RF Power Amplifiers

These ruggedized militarized amplifiers are designed for mobile and fixed applications. These models operate over the required frequency bands of 1.5 to 30 MHz, 20 to 100 MHz, 100 to 500 MHz, 500 to 1000 MHz and 1000 to 3000 MHz. IFI offers various power levels of these amplifier systems from low power levels to killowatt power levels. These systems can also incorporate high speed T/R switching. The models feature outstanding RF performance in a compact lightweight design for all possible applications. IFI also offers other frequency ranges to meet virtually any customer’s requirement.

Instruments for Industry Inc. (IFI),
Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 467-8400,

Booth 1209

RS 252

Pulsed Power Transistor

The ILD3135-M130 is an S-band LDMOS pulsed high power transistor. This all gold metal LDMOS device sets a new standard for performance in the 3.1 to 3.5 GHz radar band by offering 130 W peak pulsed power under a 300 µs, 10 percent pulse format. The device has typical P1dB greater than 150 W, gain of 10.5 dB and efficiency of 40 percent. Devices are available for sampling now.

Integra Technologies,
El Segundo, CA (310) 606-0855,

Booth 2737

RS 253

Three-way Resistive Power Splitter

The models IPS2480 and IPS2481 are 3 W three-way resistive power splitters. Both models are of planar architecture and are suitable for RF and microwave applications. These devices are designed for microstrip or wirebond implementation in continuous 50 ohm impedance environments. The IMS three-way resistive splitters have 9.5 dB evenly split attenuation and operate from DC to 7 GHz ±0.7 dB amplitude flatness and maximum VSWR of 1.3. Samples of the IPS2480 and IPS2481 resistive power splitters can be obtained through the web site.

International Manufacturing Services Inc.,
Portsmouth, RI (401) 683-9700,

Booth 913

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