Microwave Journal

73<sup>rd</sup> ARFTG Conference

May 26, 2009

Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) is a technical organization interested in all aspects of RF and microwave test and measurement.

ARFTG was originally set up in 1972 to help the end user get the most from the latest generation test and measurement equipment. This was exemplified by the introduction and eventual widespread use of instruments such as vector network analyzers (VNA) with internal computing power to handle functions such as calibrations. ARFTG has continued to evolve and now has more than 600 members worldwide. ARFTG’s core mission is one of education. It achieves this by hosting conferences, workshops and training courses.

ARFTG’s close association with the top vendors of measurement instrumentation ensures excellent equipment exhibits at ARFTG events. Vendors often choose to launch their new product ranges during our exhibits. The extended breakouts from conference technical sessions enable excellent interactions to take place among colleagues, experts and vendors. Oral technical sessions at ARFTG conferences are conducted in a single-track workshop style, with papers on topical subjects both theoretical and practical, user and manufacturer, modeling and measurement.

More details on all of this can be found at www.arftg.org.

ARFTG at Microwave Week 2009

ARFTG will be well represented at this year’s MTT-S Microwave Week in Boston, MA. In fact, the ARFTG conference forms an integral part of Microwave Week and will take place on the last day of that week (Friday, 12 June).

The venue will be the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. If you are at all interested in measurements, particularly high-frequency measurements (measurements in the range 1 kHz to 1 THz, or thereabouts), why not come along and join us? You’ll find the atmosphere informal and friendly. The chances are you will take away much more that you came with—perhaps some fresh ideas to help with your current projects; certainly some new technical contacts; and perhaps even some opportunities to take your own career to that next level.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Practical Applications of Nonlinear Measurements.” In setting up the technical program for the conference, papers were solicited from areas including:

  • Nonlinear vector analysis
  • Nonlinear time domain techniques
  • On-wafer nonlinear microwave measurement
  • Nondestructive in-circuit testing
  • Complex waveform analysis.

The most stimulating part of the ARFTG experience is the opportunity to interact one-on-one with colleagues, experts and vendors in the RF and microwave test and measurement community.

Need to Know More?

ARFTG’s website (www.arftg.org) usually has all you need to know about up-and-coming events. This includes our conference during Microwave Week 2009. Alternatively, there are some key contacts within the ARFTG organizing group: