Microwave Journal

CST Workshop Series

May 1, 2009

Computer Simulation Technology (CST), Darmstadt, Germany, has announced CST 2009 Innovations, a series of customer centric workshops focusing on how recent innovations in electromagnetic simulation can help solve high frequency system design challenges.

Recent innovations have made EM simulation an essential and easy to use part of high frequency or high speed design workflow. This workshop series will explore how design engineers can best exploit the technology for their own design area, be it RF/microwave/antenna, EDA/SI, or EMC/EMI. Application-based throughout, the workshops will focus on local industry requirements and how simulation can significantly improve throughput and reduce costs.

Partner presentations will feature along with in-depth application studies. Presenting partners include Cisco, Kyocera, Verigy and Avago. Details of the CST 2009 Innovations workshop series’ initial program and location information can be found at www.cst.com/Content/Events/Workshops.aspx