Microwave Journal

MI Technologies Installs Planar Near-field Measurement System

August 26, 2008

MI Technologies has completed installation of a very large planar near-field antenna measurement system at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane), located in Crane, IN.

NSWC Crane provides comprehensive support for complex military systems spanning development, deployment and sustainment in three mission areas: Electronic Warfare/Information Operations, Special Missions and Strategic Missions.

The MI Technologies’ near-field measurement system will be used to measure three-dimensional patterns of large, planar array radar antennas.

Jeff Fordham, vice president of MI Technologies, said, “This project represents a significant milestone for the installation of precise scanning equipment and accurate near-field systems. The Navy Crane near-field system includes the installation of one of our larger scanners, the Model MI-6910-30x30, which measures 30 feet by 30 feet on its X and Y axes. After it was installed, we aligned the scanner to 0.0035 inches RMS over the full 900-square foot scan plane.”

In addition to installing the planar scanner, MI Technologies provided NSWC Crane with a fully automated microwave measurement system, including the MI-3003 Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation.

“The Navy Crane microwave measurement system also includes the first production model of our new MI-788 Networked Acquisition Controller,” Fordham added. “The NAC is a single-box control unit that provides enhanced triggering and control of measurement systems configured with either MI Technologies or third-party microwave receivers.”

John E. Breyer, president and CEO of MI Technologies, said, “The success of the Navy Crane measurement system project is important to MI Technologies. We are very pleased to have our accurate and reliable planar near-field antenna measurement system showcased in a well-respected DoD facility.”