Microwave Journal

4RF Offers Sub 3 GHz Microwave Radio to North America

March 31, 2008

New Zealand-based 4RF Communications has announced North America’s first complete portfolio of sub 3 GHz microwave radio systems to use 128QAM modulation. This latest innovation sees the company’s Aprisa XE, which has been deployed in over 95 countries, enhanced to support 128QAM modulation in order to deliver higher capacity, better spectrum utilization and lower costs for rural operators in North America.

The resulting increase in capacity delivers more value for operators looking to maintain or deploy microwave radio networks operating in 900 MHz, 1.7, 2.1 and 2.3 GHz licensed frequency bands. Federal, utility, telcos and cellular operators can all benefit from the system’s ability to support more services and applications than possible with older generation technology. Specific product variants are available for federal users relocating to the upper 1.7 GHz band or for network operators looking for alternatives in the 2.1 GHz AWS and 2.3 GHz WCS bands.

Jarlath Lally, marketing VP at 4RF, said, "Our 128 QAM Aprisa XE brings a new and compelling option to the table. Many operators struggle to address the combined challenge of delivering increased bandwidth across their existing links. With the Aprisa XE operators can 'upgrade' while continuing to use already established site and antenna infrastructure. This is the most cost effective option."