Microwave Journal

CommScope Expands Next Generation Universal Connectors

March 27, 2008

CommScope Inc., a leader in infrastructure solutions for communication networks, has expanded the availability of its next generation universal connectors—the first that fit both corrugated and smoothwall cables for wireless networks—and introduced a new hand-prep tool that makes installation simpler and more economical.

The Andrew EZfit® Series connectors, when properly installed, provide secure, water-tight connections to 50 ohm transmission line cables. Andrew EZfit connectors currently are being shipped for use on FXL-540 1/2-inch, 7/8-inch and 1-5/8-inch smoothwall cables. Connectors for use on SFX-500 1/2-inch and 1-1/4-inch smoothwall transmission line cables will be available by mid-year. The full line of EZfit Series connectors and tools for corrugated transmission line systems, such as HELIAX® coaxial cables, will be available to customers by mid-year. Whether smoothwall or corrugated, copper or aluminum, Andrew Wireless Solutions—the CommScope division that is a leader in communications systems and products—will be able to support cable connector requirements with one family of products.

“Now that our two companies are combined, Andrew Wireless Solutions sales teams can offer their customers this next generation of technologically advanced connectors and tools,” said Stan Catey, group vice president, Cable Products and Towers, Andrew Wireless Solutions. “The expanded availability of EZfit Series connectors will benefit customers around the world through its full compatibility with both aluminum and copper transmission line systems and better overall connector performance. As the first connector series for both corrugated and smoothwall cable, EZfit will assist operators and distributors in consolidating inventory and simplifying network installations and maintenance.”

Andrew’s EZfit Series also features new hand-prep tools that provide an easy-to-operate, economical option for contractors and installers when fitting EZfit Series connectors to cables. The durable EZfit tools eliminate the need for power tools and work on both corrugated and smooth-wall cables. EZfit tools are cost effective, as only a single tool is needed for each cable size.

Compared to the majority of connectors in use today, the new EZfit Series connectors and tools are lighter in weight, more corrosion resistant and more compact in design for easier handling during installation. Installers can reduce inventory and spare parts as a result of the EZfit Series’ cross compatibility and design flexibility.