Microwave Journal

NEE International Formed to Expand Microwave Circuit Sales

November 16, 2007

New Era Electronics Ltd. (NEE), a world leader in volume production of microwave printed circuit boards, together with EastBridge Partners LLC, a global business consultancy specializing in Asia business development, have established NEE International LLC, to act as the sales, marketing and technical service company for NEE outside of Asia. Located in Phoenix, AZ, NEE International is chartered with creating a microwave knowledgeable sales force and expanding sales, primarily in the US and Europe.

NEE International is being led by two microwave industry veterans, Jack Daniels, president, and Kevin Walker, vice president of sales and marketing, who both have extensive experience in the microwave industry with specialty printed circuit board fabricators and laminators.

“NEE has long dominated the Asian market for satellite LNBs, base station power amplifiers and base station antennas,” said Jack Daniels, president of NEE International. “It's a natural progression for them to set up an international organization to provide outstanding sales and service to customers. I'm pleased that we're starting the company up with the right mix of experienced people who can leverage their technical background and long-term business relationships to provide exceptional value to our customers.”

“We are focused on supporting the wireless and high speed digital markets outside of Asia for NEE,” added Kevin Walker, vice president of sales and marketing for NEE International.

“The company can support high volumes of microwave circuit boards at very competitive prices. NEE is unique in that they are one of the few Asia-based PCB companies that have focused their efforts on fabricating circuits on specialty laminates, such as PTFE-based materials and some of the newer, high performance thermoset systems. It really positions us well to take advantage of continued growth in wireless infrastructure worldwide.”