Microwave Journal

Rohde & Schwarz – Feeling at Home with EuMW

October 11, 2007

Rohde & Schwarz took the opportunity of European Microwave Week coming to its hometown of Munich to meet and greet attendees at the European Microwave Exhibition and emphasise its commitment to the event where it had an increased presence with its largest stand ever. The company is also running hands-on workshops and is participating in the conferences.

Christian Leicher, President and COO of Rohde & Schwarz commented, “As European Microwave Week is the most important event of its kind in Europe it is the focus of our attention. The four conference topics, whether it is microwave, radar applications or antenna design, wireless technologies — WiMAX, beamforming, and Long Term Evolution — are very close to what we do and we are continuing to strive to find solutions to address these solutions.”

He continued, “The topics covered here are very close to what Rohde & Schwarz is all about. We try to be at the forefront of these microwave technologies. To do so means working very closely with industry, with customers and those working in research. If you consider some of the methods that have evolved from research such as digital simulation and microelectronics, if you really want to think in a different way and take things forward then you have to work at the very forefront of technology. What we do is apply these latest technologies in our products to make sure that they are innovative and state of the art.”

Leicher finally urged the guests to enjoy the food and drink and the opportunity for interaction, along with the rest of the European Microwave Exhibition and European Microwave Week.